Our First Donation

Our supporters are who make this film possible!

Without support from all of these generous people, we would have no chance in getting this project complete. Allow us to extend a most sincere "Thank you!" to each and every one of them!

Shernaz Kennedy - $1100

$1100 Shernaz Kennedy

Best of luck guys!

$25 Claudia

Paulette Dalton - $50

$50 Paulette Dalton

Good Luck!

Jonathan Halliday - $50

$50 Jonathan Halliday

Keep on. Don't let the bastards keep you down. (Took that last line from Kris Kristofferson, but he wouldn't mind.)

$100 Peter Maleganovski

Good luck Amar.....can't wait to see the final product!

$55 Adam Shamoon

$25 Tricia

I think the work you're doing is amazing, and want you to keep on doing it.

$25 Dan Rogers

If you have any need for some heavy metal in your soundtrack, I'd be happy to have my band's music in the film.

$150 Marva Ollivierre

I am incredible motivated by your talent and tenacity

Sarolta - $25

$25 Sarolta

Michael Le Chi - $100

$100 Michael Le Chi

Keep up the good work.

Dan Kennedy - $200

$200 Dan Kennedy

The existence of the security certificate is something that I find extremely offensive as a Canadian, and Canadians need to know about it.

Laura Duke - $25

$25 Laura Duke

Good cause. Good luck.

$600 Lata Subramanian

A powerful film could succeed in raising voices against injustice. Also I'd like to see young,sincere talent get a break

$50 Yasmin Wadia

$200 Ray and Marjorie Castro

Noah, What a terrific project. We look forward to seeing the final product!

$25 Anonymous

Tanya Stemberger - $100

$100 Tanya Stemberger

Corn! On the cob!

Milad Anwari - $40

$40 Milad Anwari!/milad.anwari

Great Cause!

Matthew Nayman - $500

$500 Matthew Nayman

Good luck Amar! I wish I could do more to help. Your website is amazing and I hope my contribution can help pay for it ;)

$250 Munaf & Durriya

Wish you all the best Amar!

Scott Duke - $25

$25 Scott Duke

This seems like an issue that no one really knows about. The movie would help out awareness big time.

$500 Sidharth Subramanian

Its a good cause.

Joan Schafer & Peter Thurling  - $300

$300 Joan Schafer & Peter Thurling

Dear Amar, Peter and I are at your back. Admire your strength. Thrilled you're out there and know everyone will come through. A done deal.

$1300 Gretchen and Jack Bingham

We support your effort to explore and bring to light this issue and its impact on individuals and a civil society. Best to you all!

The Hyatts' - $550

$550 The Hyatts'

Sorry we couldn't be at the launch. The sky's the limit to what you can achieve Kid, I admire the very core of your existence.

$100 Smita Vir Tyagi

All the best for your extremely worthwhile project.

$50 Anonymous

Chris Koehler - $125

$125 Chris Koehler

All the best!

$35 Shalin Shah

I support the cause and would like to stay current on updates in the making of this film.

Brian OConnor - $100

$100 Brian OConnor

Secret trials in Canada? That's just wrong. Justice for Mohammed Mahjoub, Mohamed Harkat and Mahmoud Jaballah!

$400 Kersi Sarkari

Amar, wish you all the best in your venture

$125 Eric Wiseman

good luck

$100 Ines Zepic

The security certificate is a current and ongoing topic which needs to be publicly debated

$50 Melanie caron

Hey Guys!!! The site looks amazing!!! Good luck!! Can't wait to see the Film!!! Get to Montreal soon!

$600 Kate & James

Suresh Subramaniam - $375

$375 Suresh Subramaniam

Keep up the good work buddy. I'm proud of you man.

$100 Zlatko Maleganovski

Good luck. I know you've worked hard on this and can't wait to see the end result.

$100 Jeremy Barker

$100 Lena Maleganovski

good luck!!!

$100 Zoran Maleganovski

To Dark Matter

$50 z.

$5 Aliyyah Fazil

hope this 5 bucks goes far, or at least gets you guys a couple of coffees.

Patrick Barker - $100

$100 Patrick Barker

Catherine Lathwell - $400

$400 Catherine Lathwell

May the force be with you.

Kyri & Faye - $250

$250 Kyri & Faye

Goodluck Amar!! We are so proud of you. Can`t wait to see the finished product =)

$500 Ariz Engineer

This is a very worthy cause - this story needs to be told. Way to go, guys!

Brett and Paulina - $100

$100 Brett and Paulina

Keep fightin' the good fight. Check out - the makers of that doc and your team should collaborate :)

Josef Shafer & Wendi Hudson - $100

$100 Josef Shafer & Wendi Hudson

Give'r! Sweetdude!

Janice Allen - $50

$50 Janice Allen

Nick Stavropoulos - $100

$100 Nick Stavropoulos

An important issue that needs to be brought to more people's attention. Good luck!

$20 Doug Phillips

All the best. Keep smiling. Keep feeling good.

$10 Farrah Miranda

$50 Richard Troy

$100 Kim Koyama

Thank you for doing this! Best of luck.

$5 Tanya Aberman

Very important work. Thank you.

$10 Ilyan Balicki

$20 John Liss

$20 Nadia Saad

Amazing, thank you!

$5 Genevieve Gilbert

$70 Margaret Sumadh

$20 Sajedeh Zahrali

No one Is Illegal - Toronto - $50

$50 No one Is Illegal - Toronto

$10 Brian Aboud

$20 Martin Duckworth

$25 Myera Waese

$100 Karen Rosenberg

John Greyson - $100

$100 John Greyson

Great team, great project, urgent urgent issue --

$150 Cathy Gulkin
Ian Iqbal Rashid - $50

$50 Ian Iqbal Rashid

All best wishes

$50 Clive Robertson

$25 Aube Giroux

$150 Gerald Hannon

It's great to see something like this in the works. Don't give up!

$1000 salah bachir

$100 Thomas Waugh

Hurry up and finish! We need it now!

$75 Mary Louise Adams

$50 Susan Lord

$50 Michael Zryd

$50 Michael Riordon

$100 Ed Jackson

$50 Ron and Mary Hart

Michael Alstad - $25

$25 Michael Alstad

$125 Larry Hannant

Please blow the lid off this particular -- and particularly stinking -- piece of Canadian government hypocrisy.

Anu and JJ Trada - $2000

$2000 Anu and JJ Trada

$25 Guillermo Verdecchia

$10 Sebastien Labelle

$150 Trishay J. Trada

Much respect to you guys and your cause. May the truth of your film bring about the awareness necessary for a drastic change to this issue.

$50 Eric Mills

Ravi Singh - $100

$100 Ravi Singh

It finally happened...

$100 Jack Hallam
Michael Gibson - $100

$100 Michael Gibson

Bravo for bringing this vital issue forward.

Manfred Becker - $100

$100 Manfred Becker

Amnesty International's annual World Report includes Canada also because its authorities deny certain individuals access to much of the evidence against them. That puts Canada in the company of countries that torture and murder its citizens. It is high time for a documentary to shed a light on that shameful reality.

$100 Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

$500 SPINLAW 2011

Juliette - $5

$5 Juliette

I naively thought Canadians were the good guys and Americans the bad guys. Now I am proved wrong and I want to know more. Best of luck !

$15 Anonymous

$25 Lauren O'Driscoll

$20 Cassandra Porter

Good Work!

$20 Meana Conway

$5 Chelsea Moore

Great presentation!

$50 Paul Connelly

Tell the story. People need to hear it.

$100 Anne-Marie Dekker

$52 ABC Toronto

$50 Steele & Tomczak

best of luck with the project

$10 Jeremy Appel

Peggy Lathwell - $150

$150 Peggy Lathwell

$50 Brenda Dolling

Thanks so much for educating the public in this way. This is such an important issue and I'm impressed that you are taking it on. Congrats --- Thanks for creating a film that will let others know how fragile our democracy really is.

$25 Alexander Lisman

This film needs to be made. We need more than soundbites and short news clips about detention without charge and our civil liberties.

$50 AbdelRahman Elsayed Morsey

"The way to deal with these threats (CSIS harassment) is to expose them and to build a broad movement that makes them ineffective." Y.Engler

$100 Mujju J

Amazing effort! Thank you very much for this very needed work. God Bless.

N Alwi - $50

$50 N Alwi

$20 Anonymous

$50 Nawazish Mustafa Khan

A film worth to be told. A film that stands by truth an justice, not secrecy and a disturbed future for us all.

Christine El-kholy - $101

$101 Christine El-kholy

All the best guys! Thanks for working on a project that will bring to light some hidden truths about the Canadian constitution. <3

Shervin Mandgaryan - $25

$25 Shervin Mandgaryan

Keep doing what you do Amar & Team.

$25 Lisa Rideout

$25 Hedy Muysson

Martha Newbigging - $25

$25 Martha Newbigging

Thank you for your work to protect human rights within Canada.

$50 Janet Goodfellow

$25 Christine Renaud

Best of luck to you with this important work.

$25 Anonymous

$250 Jacques Descoteaux

$25 Debbie Margetson

$1000 Karen & Art Nagel

Please accept this donation on behalf of your efforts. We wish you good luck and good filming!

$50 Nicole Luca

All the best and good luck guys ! :)

$10 Anonymous

$250 Anonymous

$25 Lisa Mills

Dave Bemmann - $30

$30 Dave Bemmann

All the best, I look forward to seeing the film!

Joyce Wong - $25

$25 Joyce Wong

Good Luck!

Maya Bankovic & Darby MacInnis - $100

$100 Maya Bankovic & Darby MacInnis

$50 Patty Letourneau

This is an important film that needs to be made. And if Catherine Lathwell asks, she gets a donation from me!

$50 Sharon Cole

Happy to support whatever my cousin Catherine is doing - must be interesting, exciting and worthwhile if she's involved!

$50 Harper

...because Catherine asked. Good luck with the film.

$250 Javed Maharaj

$150 Ecumenical Good Friday Walk

In our Good Friday Walk for Justice we dramatized some of the issues of those under security certificates but we want more people to know.

$60 Judy Burwell

An Excellent Project

$25 D. Steele

I think you should definitely touch on the prospect of security certificates being used against even more Canadians in the years to come...

$5 Kaitlyn Duthie

$25 Bre Woligroski

$25 Mohammed A

This is an important issue and you guys are doing an incredible job of telling it.

$250 Anonymous

$150 Shannon Walsh

Great project, great initiative. I really hope you can get it made. This is a critical issue in Canada and needs to be told.

$538 Ottawa Fundraiser - June 9th 2011


$10 Anonymous

$10 Faizah Ghadban-Kandar

$50 Madonna Keates

$100 Elizabeth Whitmore

$100 William H. Skidmore

$100 Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee

$40 Joan Kuyek

$110 Ria and Jan Heynen

$20 Kesley Rideout

This is such important work. We must make this film happen! Thank you so much filmmakers & everyone involved.

$60 Pierre Soubliere

$50 Lianne Slaughter

I was touched by "The Good Son", and wish you will with The Secret Trial 5.

$100 Angela Keller-Herzog

$100 Jo Wood

$100 Rosalie Reynolds

$100 Pierrette Brunette

Sarah Galarneau - $5

$5 Sarah Galarneau

Best of luck!!

$200 Jai Wala

Sofian Benaissa - $100

$100 Sofian Benaissa

Never forget Canadian experiments with fascism. Great project.

$50 Sam Boskey

$130 Rebecca Wolsak

Your video pitch is impressive, as are the many paths of participation for us. Inspiring to see such creativity on such an important issue.

Sofian Khan - $100

$100 Sofian Khan

good luck guys! it's a great subject, hope to see it soon. ps- if you need help with anything in new york for any reason let me know.


$500 Margrit Eichler

This is a story that needs to be told.

$5 Sam Khow

$5 Anonymous

$5 Caitlin Manicom

$30 Liz Ferguson

Keep up the good work!!!

$105 Montreal Fundraiser - June 23rd 2011


$50 Marie-Josee Lamarche & Co-worker

$250 International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG)!/secrettrial5?sk=notes

$25 Ron Swanson

The world is moved, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker - Helen Keller

$25 Anne-Marie Zilliacus

$100 Sam McGavin

This is an important story and I am confident that you'll tell it well! Best of luck.

$50 Frederic Bohbot

Keep on trucking guys!

$3 Aliaksandra

Let this story to be heard!

Timothy Schwinghamer - $50

$50 Timothy Schwinghamer

Angela  McDonald - $150

$150 Angela McDonald

My dear friend, I am so proud of you. This work will surely inspire others to question, critique and stand up against security certificates.

$120 Margaret Crewe

$10 L. R.

Cinema Politica Concordia Fundraiser Nov 18th 2011 - $374

$374 Cinema Politica Concordia Fundraiser Nov 18th 2011


$100 Finn O'Donnell

$50 Eric Bouchard

Jonny Bunning - $32

$32 Jonny Bunning

Thought I'd help round things up. Good luck!

KAIROS Toronto Centre - $50

$50 KAIROS Toronto Centre

We hope your production is going well.

Inter Pares - $5000

$5000 Inter Pares

Cave Baby - $100

$100 Cave Baby
Sarah Peek - $100

$100 Sarah Peek

Glad to support your work in telling these critical stories.

$100 Carl Baar

$100 Penni Stewart

$100 Judith Deutsch

It is essential to expose the appalling, politicized erosion of civil liberties in Canada.

Tyler Lee Myles - $10

$10 Tyler Lee Myles

yeeehaaah for justice!

$500 Mary Ann Higgs

$15 mina

This looks great and is very needed...good luck folks.

Toronto Arts Council - $4000

$4000 Toronto Arts Council

GRANT - $100


Courage, energy and luck!

$150 Graeme Searl

Muslim Law Students' Association, UOttawa - $120

$120 Muslim Law Students' Association, UOttawa

This donation has been made to thank Dr. Mazigh, Mr. Russomanno, Ms. Harkat, Mr. Hameed, Mr. Mahjoub, & Ms. Jackman for speaking on Oct19/12

$170 OPIRG York Rebel Film Fest 2012


$10 Laila Rashidie

May justice prevail!

$3 Murty Syed

Shows the true character of the government and exposes the truth to the people.

Ontario Arts Council - $10000

$10000 Ontario Arts Council


$25 Praveen Pradhan

Hey Prince Amar . should have done this long time ago , but better late than never, all the best man , look forward to secret trail 5.

$50 Ali Syed

If we could force people to watch films like this, the world would be a better place. Nothing but respect & admiration 4 your entire crew!

$5 Tim Groves

$100 Claire Kindellan

$100 Chris McDonald

$50 Sky Lamothe

$50 Gabor Pertic

$50 Katherine Kurtz

$25 Arnold Smith

$25 Amira Abdellahi

$25 Mira Burt-Wintonick

$100 Sean Cisterna

$1000 Vikram Wala

$350 Vincent Marino

$250 Nicholas Luca

$100 Antoneita Howard

$50 Luke Devine

$50 Philip Luca

$50 Joanne Hodges

$25 Sara Ageorlo

$25 Arthur Lui

$25 Brenda Goldstein

$100 Simon Garland

$100 Christina Marino

$100 Mary McDermott

$100 Chris Wiseman

$100 Marybeth Allen

$50 Mike Gifford

$500 Colin Cameron

$25 Luke Van Osch

$25 Lina Porretta

$25 Abeer Majeed

$100 Paul Stefanacci

$100 Paul Copeland

$50 Barbara Evans

$25 Leah Mallen

$150 Patrick Front

$50 Tara Lyons

$25 Celia Rasmussen

$25 Anice Wong

$100 Julian Liurette

$100 Jennifer Bubleit

$25 Carlos Taguba

$25 Stephanie Procyk

$100 Richard Green

$50 Erin Dragasevich

$50 Bryn Hughes

$50 Chris Boa

$50 Ikram Khan

$25 Angie Esposito

$25 Milena Mazzolin

$100 Madeline Lunney

$100 Nina Beveridge

$50 Drew Gauley

$50 Risa Shuman

$25 Sarolta Csete

$100 Diane Therrien

$25 Stephanie McArthur

$25 Nader Kachmar

$50 Kathleen Morris

$50 Vaughn Marshall

$75 Lost & Found The Film

$50 Sonia Shields

$50 Amanda Kazandjian

$50 Filip Bidzinski

$100 Federico Monsivais

$25 Jody Smith

$100 Demosthenis Antonopoulos

$100 Nicodemo Raschella

$50 Miriam Garfinkle

$50 Peter Papadopoulos

$250 David York

$100 Hepzibah Munoz Martinez

$100 Madelyn Steed

$100 John Braun

$100 Donald Payne

$100 Hilla M. Master

$500 Anonymous

$500 Adil Engineer

$25 Irina Grozavescu

$25 Bernard Ménard

$25 Francine Zuckerman

$25 Sally Livingston

$25 S.F.G.

$25 Moritz Lennert

$250 Dave Thomas

$120 David Fam

$25 Allen Wells

$25 Angela Bischoff

$500 Nancy Hammer

$50 Arif Khan

$25 Hilary Billingsley

$100 Frederick Jones

$50 Frank Raschella

$50 Nataja de Silvia

$25 Lisa Ferguson

$25 Chloe Sosa-Sims

$1000 Uday Sinh Wala

$50 Alan Crockford

$50 Martha Goodings

$25 Scott Boyd

$250 Glenn Paradis

$100 Jason Lower

$25 Kevin Doyle

$100 Amy McKie

$50 Jade Armstrong

$50 Renee Didiano

$100 Ali & Heather

$50 Bess Callard

$250 Steven Pelton

$25 Ame Henderson

$100 Sree Nallamothu

$50 Ellen Shifrin

$25 Sarah Kwon

$25 Lena Macdonald

$25 Monica Molina

$25 Lena Trinh

$25 Kevin Caners

$50 Declan Coyle

$100 Dima Sleiman

$100 Nicole Rogers

$1000 Open Roof Festival

$25 Louis Negin

$300 Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice

Good luck with this important film project... (partial quote)

$100 Michael Stec

$500 Canadian Union of Postal Workers

$100 Brandon Lane