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Noah Bingham

15,000 Before Hot Docs!!!

Posted by Noah Bingham on Friday, April 15, 2011.

Hey Everyone!

We're trying to reach $15,000 before Hot Docs begins on April 28th. We're almost at $13,000 with 13 more days to go! If you haven't pitched in yet, any amount helps. And for those of you who have, please continue to spread the word.

15K is about the amount many filmmakers go to Hot Docs and other international festivals to try to secure for development funds, often with projects with much bigger budgets. We want to come with that already take care of, plus with some footage in the can, ALL THANKS TO YOUR HELP & SUPPORT!!! We want to show producers, broadcasters, filmmakers and audience goers that a strong community wants to see this film and want to help it get made!

Let's show 'em!!!

Amar Wala

Clips from Matt Weber and Norm Boxall Interview

Posted by Amar Wala on Friday, April 15, 2011.

Hey everyone,

We sat down with Matt Weber and Norm Boxall (Mohamed Harkat's lawyers) a few weeks ago in Ottawa. It was a fascinating interview, and they really highlighted the differences between a security certificate case and a normal criminal case. We have always been curious about what this process is like for the lawyers. I mean, how do you defend somebody without knowing what the evidence against them is? Matt and Norm were really able to shed some light on that for us.

Here are a couple of moments from the interview: first, Matt Weber gives us an example of the government's use of "National Security" as reasoning to avoid answering certain questions. Secondly, we have Norm Boxall illustrating the basic differences between a normal criminal case and a security certificate. As you'll see, there's really no comparison. Enjoy!

Noah Bingham

Photos from our Interview with Mike Larsen

Posted by Noah Bingham on Friday, April 01, 2011.

Check out a new set of photos from our interview with Mike Larsen, PhD Candidate and Security Studies researcher.