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Catherine Lathwell

Mr. Mohammad Mahjoub & His Side of the Story

Posted by Catherine Lathwell on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

Mr. Mahjoub is going on a speaking tour to share his story!

The uncomfortable truth is that because I attended court proceeding in December of 2011, I know more about this man than I do about many of my acquaintances. Sadly, the personal details of his life and health are a matter of public record. Can you imagine? Now he's choosing to tell his side of the story. A remarkable leap of faith and trust in the Canadian people.

It is a hopeful period in the dark 12 year history Mr. Mahjoub's incarceration. In February 2012, the conditions of Mr. Mahjoub's house arrest were loosened enough that he is allowed to leave Toronto, which is why he can take his story on the road.

And most hopeful of all, next week from Monday April 23 to Wednesday April 25, (180 Queen Street, West, 6th floor, Toronto) from 9:30 am to 5:30pm, Mr. Mohammad Mahjoub will be in court in Toronto to seek to have proceedings against him finally thrown out and you're invited. (That's court talk for: “After 12 year of incarceration with no charges, please set me free.”)

Catherine Lathwell

Cinema Politica launches screening night at the Bloor/Hot Docs Cinema Tue, April 3rd

Posted by Catherine Lathwell on Monday, April 02, 2012.

Link text here

Cinema Politica (we are in their adopt-a-doc program) is launching a screening night at the Bloor/Hot Docs Cinema Tuesday, April 3rd, with a special screening of CULTURES OF RESISTANCE, featuring guest speakers S.K. Hussan, Ilian Burbano, Sakura Saunders and Pedro Cabeza.

Come out and support this great initiative tomorrow night!