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Summer Update: "I will fight" - Sophie Harkat. Then so will we.

Posted on Friday, June 27, 2014.

Dear ST5 Friends,

As many of you know, the Supreme Court recently made a decision on the use of security certificates in Canada. Unfortunately, the process was found constitutional. It left many of us puzzled and angry, most of all Sophie and Mohamed Harkat who now face several more years of potential legal limbo.


“I will fight,” said Sophie Harkat at a press conference on Parliament Hill the day after the ruling. If the Harkats have the strength to go on, then so do we. Our goal now is to use the film to provide the much needed human context to this decision. We will use the film to spread awareness and engage Canadians. We want the reaction we saw at Hot Docs - one of anger, frustration, and empathy - to spread across this country. We can do it with your help!


We have been busy applying to festivals across the country and internationally. Wish us luck! IN FACT, TWEET the following festivals and encourage them to screen @secrettrial5! Tell them why this is an important film!

@VIFFest, @thefilmfest, @CinefestSudbury, @calgaryfilm, @RIDM

Spread the word! Share! Tell your friends!


On a more positive note, ST5 was recently screened at “Docs for Change.” Amar was the first guest filmmaker for this incredible program, created by the DOC Institute and MCIS Language Services, which utilizes doc filmmaking techniques to inspire civic engagement and combat isolation in newcomer communities across the GTA. It was an incredibly rewarding experience that we hope to be part of again.

Stay tuned for more news to come!


The ST5 team.