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Noah Bingham

Postcards are in the works!

Posted by Noah Bingham on Friday, January 28, 2011.

Making Postcards

We've been working at putting together some postcards this week. And we're really excited about them. They'll be handy at our future events and placing them in video stores, coffee shops and the like around the city, and beyond. Hopefully a great tool to further spread the word. Let us know if anyone wants a stack to hand out on their own! Executive Producer and friend Matthew Nayman and designer Christine Kwan have been helping us out. We'll show you all when they are done!

Amar Wala

Our next Screening/Discussion w. NOII

Posted by Amar Wala on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

Hi everyone,

We're happy to announce that No One Is Illegal is hosting a screening/discussion with ST5 about our film, and the issue of security certificates on Feb 3rd with special guest Sophie Harkat...

ST5 - NOII Event Poster

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Noah Bingham

Applied Arts Wire

Posted by Noah Bingham on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

Hey All!

Check out a great article about ST5 and the talented animator Julian Brown (On the Chase!), who did our intro video for us, in Applied Arts Wire here.

You can also check out more of Julian's great work here.

Amar Wala

Update in the Harkat Case - Constitutional Challenge

Posted by Amar Wala on Monday, January 17, 2011.

Hello everybody,

Some of you might have seen the news that Mohamed Harkat will be launching a new constitutional challenge of the security certificate law. Here's a link to an article that tells you more...

Those of you who wish to show your support to the Harkat's can do so by signing their new "Statement Against Security Certificates" here...

They've gathered over 1000 signatures thus far!

Amar Wala

One Month in, off to a great start...

Posted by Amar Wala on Monday, January 10, 2011.

Happy New Year everyone, we're proud to say that is a month old, and we've raised over $5,000 in our first 30 days thanks to your incredible support...

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